Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (2023)

Disney+has continued to evolve since the November 2019 launch of the streaming service. One thing that remains a growing pain for some fans is the number of episodes of classic television series that are out of order. But those with a keen eye also note a number of missing and altered episodes on the streaming platform, even from current series.

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As Disney+ mines the past for content, mistakes are bound to happen. But in some cases, the decision to alter or leave out content altogether seems deliberate. While some episodes and scenes in classic shows have not aged well, the latest original series available on the platform aren't immune to the changes themselves.


Updated on March 16th, 2022 by George Chrysostomou:As Disney+ continues to add new content to its ever-growing archive of material, it has become apparent that they continue to alter or remove episodes and elements from series that fans might have been expecting to see appear. Fans of Disney Channel shows are oftenleft asking'why aren't all episodes of Andi Mack on Disney+?' and finding no answers. The reasons are still sometimes unclear but audiences might not be able to see the original variations for some time.

Episodes That Are Missing On Disney+

Andi Mack (Multiple Episodes Missing)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (1)

Fans of the series may still argue ifLizzie McGuire is too similar toAndi Mack, but one way they are definitely not similar isthatLizzie McGuireis accessible on Disney+. Numerous episodes ofAndi Mackaremissing from Disney+. The third season retainsthe most episodes. The first season is missing the most, with only two left to watch on the streaming service.

The second season is missing an episode that made history for the Disney Channel: "Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!" The episode revealed the coming-out of Andi's friend, Cyrus.

The Little Mermaid ("Whale of a Tale" )

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (2)

Plenty of people might not know thatThe Little Mermaidactually boasted a spin-off TV show as well. While most of the episodes of this kids series are now available on various versions of Disney+, mysteriously the pilot is actually absent from the streaming service.

There doesn't appear to be a reason thatWhale Of A Taleis missing, considering it isn't banned and doesn't include content that Disney would wish to avoid. It's still available to watch on YouTube and some other platforms though so fans of the show will have to settle for that!

Darkwing Dark ("Hot Spells")

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (3)

DarkwingDuckis a complete classic within the Walt Disney archives.With so many fantastic episodes to choose from, those with the streaming service are spoilt for choice considering the quality of the kid's TV series. However, there are unusually some episodes missing.

While international versions of Disney+ include the episodes, for some reason the installment known asHot Spellsis actually not available on the US iteration of the platform. The episode isn't banned and there's nothing within it to suggest that it should be altered. It may be a mistake!

TaleSpin ("Lost Horizons," "Flying Dupes")

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (4)

TaleSpinis a cult hit and another show that's gaining a second life within the context of Disney+. It would be strange for any episodes of this great series to be missing and yet Disney+ has failed to upload two key episodes fromTaleSpin,includingLost HorizonsandFlying Dupes.

Whether fans were to watch this on Amazon or YouTube they would find that every single episode from the show is available to enjoy. The real reason as to why Disney decided they would not air these two adventures is a real mystery, but perhaps it has something to do with outdated themes.

The Muppets (“Lullaby of Birdland”)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (5)

Perhaps due to rights issues, all scenes containing the song “Lullaby of Birdland” have been deleted from an episode in season two of the originalThe Muppetsseries. Actor Don Knotts guest-starred in the episode, which is otherwise available on the platform.

Music rights issues often prevent older television series, which negotiated rights specifically for broadcast, from being re-aired in some cases. The full episode with the song was available on a DVD boxset of the series issued back in 2010.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (“The Quest of the Red Skull”)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (6)

An entire episode of the 80s animated seriesSpider-Man And His Amazing Friendsis missing from Disney+. One ofthe best episodes of Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends, "The Quest Of The Red Skull," has not been included with the others on the platform.

This isn't actually the first time the episode has been omitted. It has also been left out of syndication in years past, perhaps in part due to its subject matter. The episode centers around the Red Skull and his past from Nazi Germany and an attempt to destroy the world.

DuckTales (“Sphinx for the Memories”,“Launchpad’s Civil War”)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (7)

A pair of episodes of the originalDuckTalesanimated series are missing from Disney+. They include“Sphinx for the Memories” and “Launchpad’s Civil War.” The latter is the 27th episode of the series, about an American Civil War reenactment, and the former is the seventh episode of the series.

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This episode features the gang traveling to Egypt and exploring a marketplace. While both episodes have been available on VHS and DVD in the past, they're not on Disney+ and it's not clear why.

The Simpsons (Season 3, Episode 1)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (8)

The episode ofThe Simpsonsthat is missing from Disney+ is no surprise: "Stark Raving Dad." Some fans know it as "the Michael Jackson episode" because Jackson voiced a character who is impersonating himself in a mental institution.

What some don't know is, this episode was written out of history before the launch of Disney+. James L. Brooks, the executive producer of the series,made the decision to pull the episode from all streaming services, from future DVD boxed sets, and from syndication in March of 2019.His decision came on the heels of the HBO release ofLeaving Neverland, a film about allegations made against Jackson.

Smart Guy (Season 1, Episode 4)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (9)

On Disney+,Smart Guyhas six episodes in its first season, but when it was originally broadcast, there were seven. The original fourth episode is called "Don't Do That Thing You Do" and is not present on the streaming platform.


With a plot centering on Marcus's band Markadocious, the episode seems like it wouldn't cause a problem. It does have a couple of all-star guests, Gabrielle Union and Christina Milian. This is the only episode of the series missing from Disney+.

Recess (Multiple Episodes)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (10)

Multiple episodes of theanimated seriesRecessare missing from Disney+.The serieswas a mainstay after-school cartoon on the Disney Channel from 1997 to 2001. On theRecesspage for Disney+, however, it specifies that the showwent from 1997-1999 with just three seasons.

There's not a clear reason for the missing episodes of the long-running series, or if they will ever be available to view, but its fans have certainly noticed that they're gone.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (Season 1, Episode 18/ Season 3, Episode 20)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (11)

Two episodes ofThe Suite Lifeare absent from Disney+. The first episode originally aired in the fall of 2005 and is called "Smart and Smarterer." While London proves herself to be a chess wizard, Zack's grades are slipping. He notices that his friend, Bob, has dyslexia and therefore has extra time to do his schoolwork.

To avoid summer school, Zack pretends to have dyslexia.The less-than-sensitive storyline would be even more controversial in 2020. Season 3 is missing its twentieth episode, "Doin' Time in Suite 2330."

Fantastic Four (“Incursion of the Skrulls")

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (12)

An episode of the 90sFantastic Fouranimated series,"Incursion Of The Skrulls," is missing from Disney+. This episode spotlighted the Super Skrull and an invasion of Earth not too unlike what happens in theSecret Invasioncomic book storyline and upcoming streaming series.

It's not clear why the episode was omitted, but one possibility is that one of the towers of the World Trade Center is destroyed in the episode as part of the invasion, an unfortunate reminder of a historical tragedy that would occur a few years later.

Episodes That Have Been Altered On Disney+

Gravity Falls Fez Logo

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (13)

Gravity Fallsis a much-loved kid's show that has managed to appeal to both its target audience and adults alike. It's zany, whimsical, and full of charm. While it might have started on channels like Disney XD it now has a home amongst the other animated shows on Disney+.

However, fans quickly noticed a change in the episodes. The symbol that featured on Grunkle Stan's fez has been removed from every single installment. It may be because the imagery closely matches that of masonic groups, but it's quite the stretch for Disney to need to edit and alter the hat.

X-Men - The Animated Series Episode Order

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (14)

X-Men: The Animated Seriesis a masterpiece of Marvel storytelling. The series will be receiving a soft reboot and continuation very soon, but for many, this was actually an introduction into the Marvel Universe and to the world of comic books in general.

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Such fond memories mean that Disney can't really tamper with the show. However, the episodes have been uploaded in a very different order to how they would have been traditionally viewed. The alteration is a strange one, but perhaps the series watches better in this particular timeline.

WandaVision Finale Post-Credits Scene

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (15)

WandaVision ended with a stunning post-credits scene that is likely to have a major impact on MCU Phase 4. That's even more assured now that the scene has been digitally altered.

While no explanation has been given, the scene has been changed to include many more trees around the cabin where the now very powerful Scarlet Witchis staying, what appears to be a shadow racing across the forest, and the inclusion of the theme from the first Doctor Strange movie. It all points to a stronger connection to the upcomingDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Star Wars Droids

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (16)

The 1985 Star Wars Droids animated series has been out of circulation for a very long time, but Disney+ recently uploaded the entire series to the platform.

Even better, they've digitally remastered the original video and audio, giving it the best presentation the series has ever had. Star Wars Droids is full of funny moments, and intriguing connections to both the prequel and sequel trilogies that are likely to be of interest to fans of the franchise.

Shake It Up (Season 1, Episode 7)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (17)

TheShake It Upepisode titled "Party it Up" is missing from Disney+ and it's possible that it's due to singer and actress Demi Lovato. According to The Hollywood Reporter,Lovato spoke out about the episode and criticized its use of an eating disorder joke.

Rather than omit the scene or line in question, Disney+ has omitted the episode altogether. It could be because of other problematic language in the episode, but it's not entirely clear. The streaming platform has become much more circumspect in recent years when it comes to insensitive material from past content.

The Mandalorian Chapter 12

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (18)

Star Wars is no stranger to alterations to the original material. The Mandalorian has had an episode altered on Disney+ as well, thanks to a misplaced crewmember.

"Jeans Guy" was visible in the background of a shot in the Imperial base in "Chapter 12" and quickly became a meme. The denim-clad crew member was swiftly edited out of the episode, but not before the legend of Jeans Guy was imagined as a classic Kenner Star Wars action figure.

Lizzie McGuire (Season 2, Episode 16)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (19)

Lizzie McGuireis known for its witty sound effects and fabulous background music. Sound effects and in-house songs have not changed on Disney+, but numerous scenes used licensed music, like Matt's trouble-making montage set to "Bad Boys" or Lizzie's roller-skating date with Ronnie set to "Everywhere" by Michelle Branch. These are no longer included in the series.


Another major change is the alteration to "Inner Beauty," the season 2 episode in which Miranda, one of Lizzie McGuire's most likable characters, struggles with an eating disorder. Lizzie and Miranda are creating a music video to Play's "Us Against the World." The Play hit is licensed music, so Disney+ replaced it with canned music.

Good Luck Charlie (Season 4, Final Episode)

Disney+: 20 Episodes That Are Missing Or Altered (20)

The final two-part episode ofGood Luck Charliehas an interesting alteration. It aired as "Goodbye, Charlie" (with parts one and two). However, the special is listed on Disney+ as "Good Luck, Teddy."

The best reasoning for the name change is the reference to the 1964 film titledGoodbye Charlie. There could have been copyright issues with using that name on the platform. Strangely enough, there is no alteration to Teddy and Spencer's Elton John cover, "Your Way," which they sing at Teddy's going away party.

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